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Located in San Lorenzo, California, Engine Research Company (ERC) has operated for 33 years and is a producer of custom specialty fuels and is a national distribution center for Champion Racing Spark Plugs and Blendzall, Red Line, and Kendall Racing Oils.

ERC carries a complete stock of all Champion spark plugs and specializes in the unique/hard-to-find racing plug types. ERC provides complete heat range coverage and stocks all related accessories such as gap tools, spark plug sockets, viewers, indexing plug washers and heat range/tuning booklets.

For years, Champion spark plugs have demonstrated the dependability and application specificity required for racewinning performance. Champion offers more plug types, broader heat range coverage and stronger technical/engineering backup than any other spark plug manufacturer.

Additionally, Champion's commitment to and involvement with the racing community gives them the depth of expertise required to produce and service the best spark plugs in motor sports.

ERC also carries a complete line of Red Line, Blendzall, and Kendall engine and gear oils. These lubricants have been determined by ERC to be, simply, the finest high performance lubricants available anywhere in the world. That is why we offer them. As with Champion Spark Plugs, the reputation, performance, and technical back-up available for these lubricants is absolutely superb. We are proud to offer them and very willing to help our customers apply them properly.

Please call, write or e-mail for complete information and prices...and ask for your free Champion heat range booklet/tuning guide and for Redline, Blendzall, and Kendall technical literature.



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ERC + Champion + Redline + Blendzall = a great team!

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