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F-1 Octane (Research Method) 120+
F-2 Octane (Motor Method) 116
Specific Gravity (@60°F) .745
Heat Release per unit weight (bomb calorimeter) 19,683 BTU/lb.
Reid Vapor Pressure 5.0 psi
Color Aqua
Net Oxy by Mass .7%

ERC A-8D Racing Gasoline is custom blended in small quantities with the highest quality iso-paraffinic, aromatic and oxygenated blending stocks available.

The tetraethyl lead (TEL) levels are set at the maximum allowed by the Surgeon General at this time, and appropriate quantities of lead scavengers and deposit cleansers are included. A-8D is highly effective in supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous assisted engines.

High heat values per unit volume and the capability of running leaner A/F ratios produce excellent mileage figures in real world race conditions. Iso-paraffinic hydrocarbon materials with high hydrogen/carbon ratios are used to optimize heat release per unit weight. The alkane and aromatic compounds used in A-8D were selected with resistance to detonation as the primary consideration. Extremely high ASTM Octane numbers and absolute maximum resistance to heat and pressure characterize this blend. The branched chain alkanes that comprise the paraffinic fraction exhibit the highest resistance to heat and pressure known in petrochemistry. A small oxygenate fraction balances component vapor pressures, slightly speeds combustion, and aids in complete combustion. The aromatic fraction is a leaded, concentrated, ultra high auto-ignition temperature combination of isomeric components giving excellent end gas region control and superior convective combustion chamber cooling.

No other fuel in the world offers the combustion control and detonation protection of ERC A-8D.

Distillation Curve Data
IBP 120° F
5% 140° F
10% 159° F
20% 182° F
30% 192° F
40% 210° F
50% 218° F
60% 222°
70% 225° F
80% 231° F
90% 243° F
95% 260° F
EP 264°F
Residue .5%
Loss .5%



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