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As well as the "in stock" blends listed to the left, in our 44 years in business, ERC has often been asked to produce custom blends meeting some very unique application specific requirements. We started out doing blends of this type and, over the years, we have done application specific custom fuels for everything from model airplanes, to classic vintage sports cars, to superbikes, to Reno air racers, to NHRA pro-stock cars. This is a challenging and rewarding part of our business. At ERC, we love stretching our capabilities and using our experience to meet unique requirements. It is, in fact, the foundation upon which we operate.

Additionally, we have provided consulting on fuels and combustion dynamics to literally a "who's who" of car manufacturers, major fuel companies, sanctioning bodies, professional engine builders, and independent racers. We try to be a resource for all who need special fuels or special help with fuel related questions or problems.

If your application requires a fuel not shown in this spec brochure, please give us a call. It is likely that, from our catalogue of over 250 blends, we can provide an application specific fuel that will meet your requirements. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing quality technical help to the customer in order to obtain the best performance from any special blend we produce.

At ERC, we're here to help you perform.







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