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F-1 Octane (Research Method)106.0
F-2 Octane (Motor Method)96.0
R+M / 2101
Specific Gravity (@60°F).740 - .750
Heat Release per unit weight (bomb calorimeter)19,200 BTU/Ib.
Reid Vapor Pressure6.5 psi

ERC Max Unleaded/A is a medium density, completely unleaded fuel blended carefully to offer increased octane numbers at an affordable price. No organo-metallic additives are used.

With a Research Octane of 106 and a Motor Octane of 96, this gasoline covers a multitude of low to medium compression applications at a very reasonable cost.

ERC uses only high grade paraffinic and aromatic blend stocks to carefully tailor this fuels' properties for the best possible cost/benefit ratio. Max Unleaded/A also contains a Hi Octane oxygenate fraction that is controlled at 2.7% net mass oxygen.

This fuel has shown itself to be effective in combustion environments that should have overstressed this very economically priced gasoline. ERC Max Unleaded/A was the spec fuel for the FIA GT Championship rounds held in the United States in 1999 and performed admirably, even when used in engines that had considerably higher compression ratios than are normally recommended for this fuel. ERC Max Unleaded/A is a great fuel value that provides significant performance and excellent octane number protection at a very reasonable price.

As with all ERC fuels, Max Unleaded/A is blended and dispensed with optimum product consistency and purity as the foremost consideration.

Distillation Curve Data
IBP103° F
10%157° F
30%189° F
50%206° F
70%213° F
90%221° F
Residue .8%
Loss .4%





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