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F-1 Octane (Research Method)106.0
F-2 Octane (Motor Method) 96
R+M / 2101
Specific Gravity (@60°F) .717
Heat Release per unit weight (bomb calorimeter)19,400 BTU/Ib.
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.5 psi
Color Clear
Net Oxy by Mass 3.5%

ERC Max Unleaded/C is a medium density, high heat release, completely unleaded fuel formulated to offer increased octane numbers at an affordable price. No organo-metallic additives are used. This fuel is safe for use with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

With a Research Octane of 106 and a Motor Octane of 96, as with MUL/B, this gasoline covers a multitude of low to medium compression applications at a very reasonable cost. MUL/C is excellent in N/A applications. For turbo and supercharged applications, ERC MUL/B or ERC RUL/T2 is recommended.

ERC uses only high grade paraffinic, aromatic, and oxygenated blend stocks to carefully tailor this fuels' properties for the best possible cost/benefit ratio. Max Unleaded/C contains a Hi Octane oxygenate fraction that is controlled at 3.5% net oxygen by mass. Hi purity ethanol is the oxygenate used in this formula. Specific gravity on this blend is lighter than MUL/B as a function of reduced aromatic content.

MUL/C has shown itself to be effective in low to moderate cylinder pressure applications where leaded fuel is unacceptable for use. It has a higher hydrogen/carbon ratio than MUL/B and slightly increased net oxygen content. These properties give slightly higher heat release than MUL/B.

ERC Max Unleaded/C is an excellent fuel value that provides significant performance and excellent octane number protection at a very reasonable price. As with all ERC fuels, Max Unleaded/C is blended and dispensed with optimum product consistency and purity as the foremost consideration.

Distillation Curve Data
IBP 105° F
10% 140° F
30% 155° F
50% 210° F
70% 212° F
90% 214° F
EP 220°F
Residue 1%
Loss .5%





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